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welcome to innovative resources, the home of the original and the best strengths-based, conversation-building resources for over twenty years!

Our card sets, stickers and picture books are used to enrich conversations about the important stuff in life—feelings, hopes, strengths, relationships, values, stories and goals. Our card sets are sold internationally and are known for their originality, practice wisdom and striking visual styles

Accessing our digital resources

As an Anglicare Victoria staff member, you have access to a range of colourful, engaging conversation-starting tools to support the work you do with children, young people, families and individuals.

In these Toolboxes, you’ll find a variety of strength-based digital cards on different topics, including feelings and body signals, mental health, respectful relationships, self-care and professional practice. The Toolboxes also include digital booklets with lots of ideas for using the cards, card hack videos, blogs, interviews with authors, and a range of other support materials.

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Our range of products

We don’t just have digital resources here at Innovative Resources. We also have our digital card sets available to purchase as hard copy sets, as well as books and stickers.

To guide you in choosing the right resources for you and/or your team, check our the ‘shop by subjects‘ section on our homepage.


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