Card hacks for… Shadows and deeper shadows

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

Shadows is an image-based, conversation-starting tool, designed to invite people to explore the aspects of themselves that they may struggle to talk, or even think, about.

Each Shadows card is intended to be a window into those parts of us that are often closed and inaccessible—to others and ourselves. These may be windows into our fears or sadness—problems, challenges and pain—or even positive parts of ourselves that we may find hard to accept.

Shadows can be used in a wide range of settings to create opportunities for people to reflect on their lives in meaningful and constructive ways.

In this 30-minute FREE online session we will explore:

  • noticing strengths born out of suffering
  • using Shadows to talk about struggle and trauma
  • questions and prompts to encourage exploration and reflection
  • the many settings and situations where Shadows may be useful
  • creating a safe environment for using the cards
  • feedback and ideas other practitioners have shared with us.

This session is ideal for counsellors, psychologists, mental health professionals and social workers.