Strengths approach to practice (full-day online workshop)

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

Everyone has strengths. Our qualities, capacities, relationships, values, stories, experiences, skills and material resources can all be strengths.

But ‘the problem’ can easily be experienced as all-consuming, keeping clients and services alike stuck and creating barriers to change. Strengths-based practice focusses squarely on identifying, mobilising and celebrating clients’ strengths.

Join us in this full-day Strengths Approach to Practice – online workshop to delve into topics including:

  • understanding the key features and guiding principles of strengths-based practice
  • addressing power imbalances and supporting empowerment
  • building the skills to support others to identify, celebrate and mobilise their strengths
  • framing conversations so that they are solution-oriented.

Please note: there is a 15 minute pre-eLearning component to be completed prior to this workshop.

Social workers, counsellors, managers, educators—and anyone who works with others—can become a catalyst for building cultures where strengths and connectedness flourish, so that clients build resilience, capacity for lasting change and genuine ‘agency’ in their own lives. This highly engaging and practical training facilitates participants’ learning of strengths-based principles, skills and resources that can be applied immediately in their work.