Tools for Self-Care in Human Services Work

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

Every work place has its stressors, especially professions that support others such as human services and education.

Whether you work directly with clients or students, or are located primarily in an office, you will be aware of the toll your work can take on your personal and professional lives.

This highly-interactive workshop will use a range of methods to delve deeply into what it takes to maintain workplace well being. Together, we will explore not only the ‘tried and true’ ways of staying ok, but look a little further into how powerful self-care strategies can be found within the work we do.

This workshop will explore:

  •  the differences between stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma
  •  the balance between empathy, self-awareness, social connectedness and workplace self-care
  •  how ‘emotional literacy’—the ability to articulate the links between body signals, feelings, thoughts and actions—can open the door to effective, sustainable self-care   conversations
  •  a range of resources that foster conversations on self-care and support the development of self-care plans
  •  why and how a team approach to self-care works
  •  a few simple techniques to manage anxiety and worry
  •  how organisational self-care cultures can be developed and maintained
  •  how to use practice reflection as a self-care activity
  •  the beginnings of your new self-care plan.