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Congratulations on purchasing Anxiety Solutions, 50 ways to calm your mind and soothe your body.

We humans are really good at worrying. Whether it’s a few worrying thoughts, or full-blown anxiety, these 50 beautifully-designed cards provide you with lots of different strategies—creative, cognitive, active, reflective, mindful—for working with stress and anxiety. As they draw on a broad range of therapeutic approaches, there is something here for everyone!

Now that you have the cards, you will be wanting some fresh and innovative ideas for how to incorporate them into your work.

In this toolbox, you will find:

  • the digital booklet which contains a more detailed exploration of anxiety, the therapeutic strategies employed by the resource, and a whole range of creative ideas for using the cards
  • access to a digital set of the cards so you can use them anywhere, anytime
  • ideas banks, blogs, card hack videos, interviews and other support material.

We hope you enjoy browsing this page and are inspired by the stories of others who have used the cards. Don’t forget to explore the range of other supporting materials and information at your fingertips any time you need it.

This toolbox is exclusively for people who have purchased Anxiety Solutions. We will continue to add resources and ideas, so check in regularly to see what’s new!

Anxiety Solutions booklet

Anxiety Solutions digital cards

Card hack

Anxiety Solutions ideas bank

Blog- Anxiety Solutions for students

Teaching students skills to manage anxiety and challenge negative thinking helps them become better learners.

The clinically-proven techniques in the Anxiety Solutions cards have been deliberately selected by consulting psychologist and clinical nutritionist, Selina Byrne (author of the cards) for their capacity to retrain the brain and challenge habitual responses to stress. Read more

Blog- Managing Anxiety

We have all experienced anxiety at some time or another. For many of us, it feels unpleasant, uneasy, uncomfortable and sometimes scary. It comes in many different forms and no two people will experience it in the same way. It can even look different at different times, and in different situations, for the same person! Read more

Blog- The Anatomy of Anxiety

For many of us, anxiety sucks. It feels unpleasant, it’s uneasy, uncomfortable and sometimes scary. It comes in so many different forms and no two people will experience it in the same way. Sometimes, it comes in different forms, at different times, and in different situations, for the same person! It’s unpredictable. It can arise when we are stressed or relaxed. It can arise out of the blue. It can be rational or irrational. Sometimes, we are anxious about little things while being fine with genuinely scary things. Read more

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