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For almost three decades, The Bears cards have been helping people of all ages to talk about feelings. Their simple yet profound gift is to give people a voice so they can express who they are and what is important to them.

These colourful, gentle cards are perfect for creating relaxed, safe spaces to have conversations about the range of different emotions we all feel at different times. As they don’t have any words, The Bears cross language, literacy, cultural, racial, age and gender boundaries, and in doing so, invite people to find their own ways of engaging with the cards.

Now that you have your own set, you will be wanting some fresh and innovative ideas for how to incorporate them into your work.

In this toolbox, you’ll find:

  • the expansive digital booklet containing more than 30-pages of ideas for using the The Bears with people of all ages across a wide range of settings and situations
  • access to a digital set of the cards so you can use them anywhere, anytime
  • ideas banks, blogs, card hack videos, interviews and other support material.

We hope you enjoy browsing this page and are inspired by the stories of others who have used the cards over a period of almost 30 years. Don’t forget to explore the range of other supporting materials and information at your fingertips any time you need it.

This toolbox is exclusively for people who have purchased the cards. We will continue to add resources and ideas, so check in regularly to see what’s new!

The Bears booklet

The Bears digital cards

Card hacks...come meet The Bears

Ideas bank

Blog- Big emotions and the 5 Bears

When it comes to dealing with big emotions, not everyone has the language to describe how they’re feeling. Today we talk with one school counsellor, Judith, who co-created a story to accompany the tactile Bears. What began as a story to help one young student has been welcomed across the classrooms. Read more

Blog- Can Bears and Meerkats be Friends?

Maybe not in the wilds of nature. But in the wild world of our feelings many unexpected things can go together. Look inside on any typical day and you may notice a swirling mix of emotions and body signals. Read more

Blog- A picture is worth a thousand words: visual tools and mental health

In this article, we talk to Terri Borschman, a mental health practitioner with expertise in Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT)*, about how she works with people in a Secure Extended Care Unit (SECU) using DBT in conjunction with Innovative Resources’ card sets. Read more

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