Karen Bedford

Karen has a Master’s Degree, a Diploma of Teaching and a Diploma of Counselling Psychology. As the managing editor at St Luke’s Innovative Resources, she has been involved in creating over fifty strengths-based books and card sets for counsellors,  teachers and social workers. Karen is the author of a book called The Uses of Sadness (Allen and Unwin) and a card set called  The Nature of Strengths. She recently created and facilitated a series of therapeutic creative writing programs resulting in a book called The Treasure Trove. Karen has many years experience as a speaker, adult educator, trainer and group facilitator.

Karen has been instrumental in the development of our most popular latest resources, namely Rainbow Talk, Body Signals, Self-Care Cards, Anxiety Solutions and Anxiety Solutions for Kids. Her research and partnering with specialists has further enhanced Karen’s capacity to bring a strong therapeutic approach to her workshops.