Conversation Starter bundle

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Creative, colourful and thought-provoking cards that spark lively conversations and encourage storytelling.

Sharing our stories is a fundamentally important part of strength-based conversations. Reflecting on the language—and metaphors—we use and reframing the stories we tell ourselves can help us think differently about challenges and offer alternative solutions and ways forward.

The Conversation Starter bundle has been designed to unlock the therapeutic power of   storytelling by helping us find common ground with others—whether they be friends, family, colleagues or our wider community—and by providing us with the means to explore where we’ve come from and the values we hold dear. They are also great tools for journalling and creative writing.

This value pack includes:

Deep Speak is a set of 120 cards that feature a single question. Some are light-hearted, some are highly personal, some may be confronting or challenging, but all of them invite us to reflect on ourselves, our relationships with others and our unique experience of the world.

Storycatching is a fun and quirky card set that encourages people to explore creativity, honour diversity, and share both the joys and struggles of their lives in the most natural way possible—by sharing stories!   

Picture This offers opportunities for people of all ages to reflect on their experiences and communicate with others. The 75 full-colour photographs can open-up conversations about feelings, goals, and identity.

Strength Cards Unlimited (new edition) is not just a great resource for exploring strengths in all their breadth and diversity, it’s also a perfect tool for storytelling, reflective conversations and journalling. The new edition features 120 sentence starters—3 on the back of each card—to help spark conversations and provide different ways to think about each strength.


Each card set comes with exclusive access to an online Toolbox of extras, including a digital booklet containing activity ideas, access to a digital set of the cards, ideas banks, blogs, card hack videos, interviews and other support material.