Two Worlds

When relationships end and parents separate

Conversation-building cards for those experiencing separation or any significant life change.

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When a couple separates, one world becomes two. When that couple has children, they face the challenges of navigating their way through the two new worlds of their parents. These changes can be daunting—even overwhelming. It can be very challenging for children and young people to express their feelings and have their voices heard by the adults around them.

Adults also experience the emotional and physical upheaval of their previous world coming to an end, and the challenge of creating a new world for themselves and their children.

Designed by experienced separation counsellors and child and family workers, Two Worlds is a unique resource for building healing conversations with children or adults experiencing separation—or those experiencing any significant transitions and life changes.

Do you sometimes feel you are living in two different worlds? If so, which cards describe your worlds now?

  • What’s it like going from one world to another? What are the hardest parts/best parts?
  • What’s different about your worlds now compared to before things changed?
  • When you look at the cards, which ones say something about what concerns you most/what you look forward to most?
  • Which cards that say something about what you are good at?
  • How could you use those strengths to help you most now?

Two Worlds is an essential resource to have to hand in family support, out-of-home care and family relationship centres. It contributes to the now impressive library of tools published by Innovative Resources and exported worldwide—and might even come to rival their best-selling Strength Cards in its applications.’
Dr Jennifer Lehmann, Children Australia (read the review) 

Written and co-published by Anglicare Diocese of Sydney and Innovative Resources, 2013
ISBN: 978 1 920945 69 5
48 laminated, watercolour cards, 140mm x 140mm
Polypropylene box, 44-page booklet
Illlustrator: Carolyn Marrone
Designer: Mat Jones

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Stories and Reviews

‘[A child I was counselling] used the Two Worlds cards and made a collage on the floor of what it’s currently like at Mum’s—on the other side, at Dad’s.  Underneath he put cards that reflected his hopes to share with Mum and the hopes to share with Dad.  He learnt SO much by externalising.’

Julie Wilkins, school counsellor