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Sailing on life’s billowing ocean

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A tool to help us sail through life’s uncertainties

Life is never smooth sailing, and each of our personal journeys is unique.

Ups and Downs is a fun conversation-building tool for reflecting on our own journey. The set includes 54 individual cards featuring a little pink person sailing on life’s changing seas in a bathtub.

This set uses the sea as a metaphor for the unpredictability of life and adds humour and poignancy to support conversations about feelings, change and the future. Each card presents scenarios many people will relate to, from the relief of seeing the beam of a lighthouse to the anxiety of watching circling sharks.

Ups and Downs can also be used for a range of fun and informal activities, including breaking the ice, stimulating creative writing and kicking off workshops. The cards can also be used in professional contexts when discussing achievements and challenges.

This resource is suitable for all ages and is a versatile tool for psychologists, counsellors, mental health workers, educators, managers and life coaches.

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Ups and Downs

When Sharks Cometh

Published by Innovative Resources, 2009. Digital version published in 2024
ISBN: 978-1-920945-12-1
54 full-colour digital cards and booklet
Author: Russell Deal
Illustrator: Ray Bowler

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Stories and Reviews

Ups and Downs in workshops

‘We use the Ups and Downs cards regularly and they’ve had very frequent use recently in feedback/reflection sessions at the end of most of our workshops. They’re a perfect way to end the session or the day. Participants not only find it easy to identify a card that represents how they’re feeling, but these particular cards are such great fun and elicit a great deal of warmth and laughter in the process.’

– Sue James, BJ Seminars International (Australia)

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