An Introduction to Strengths-based Reflective Practice – online workshop

How to bring reflective practice into your space

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Reflective practice is the ability to reflect on your actions, beliefs, responses and thoughts. Reflective practice is invaluable when looking to promote and enhance professional development, personal development and team building.

An Introduction to Strength-Based Reflective Practice is a workshop that creates a space to consider emotions, experiences, actions, and responses and how we can use that information to empower ourselves and those around us.

This workshop is facilitated by the highly knowledgeable Alison Krusec, who creates a welcoming and open space for all. Participants will enjoy an unmissable opportunity to understand and explore reflective practice and apply it in their work.

What to expect:

The workshop aims to build skills in reflective practice. The format is collaborative and conversation-based, enabling participants to ask questions, learn from peers and develop their understanding and use of the resources. It provides:

  • a space to unpack thoughts and curiosities and examine values, beliefs and assumptions
  • the opportunity to develop and practice new skills that can be utilised in any human service setting
  • an environment of respect, inspiration, challenge and support
  • a focus on worker practice and activity
  • an exploration of self-care.

Content can be tailored for organisations wishing to have a team attend the workshop.

Resources used:

Suitable for:

Date: Tues May 2 2023

Time: 2.30PM – 5.00 PM AEDT