Value pack online workshop: respectful relationships

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As you have purchased the Innovative Resources’ Early Years Respectful Relationships value pack, we thought you might be interested in some fresh ideas for using the resources.

Over the past two years we have worked with a large variety of early years service providers. During that time, we have heard many creative and ingenious stories about how these resources have been used within programs. We would like to share some of these ideas with you and support you in working with these resources to achieve great outcomes.

What to expect:

In this one-hour workshop, we will:

  • explore some fun and innovative ways to combine different resources
  • demonstrate how to use cards to talk about specific issues, e.g. bullying, resilience
  • share some easy ways to embed the resources into day-to-day activities
  • talk about how to share the resources with families
  • show you how stickers can be used to enhance and enrich activities
  • learn from each other.

We could be asking things like…

  • Which dinosaur would you invite home for dinner?
  • Who is in your pond?
  • What’s Max noticing about that car next to them?
  • All these stones are important. Who are your important stones?

Resources used: 

Cars R Us

Funky Fish

Can do Dinosaurs

Stones…Have Feelings Too! Stickers

The Wrong Stone

Pocket of Stones


Suitable for:

Centre’s that have purchased this value pack.

Date: Thurs NOVEMBER 23, 2023

Time: 3pm-5pm AEDT