Tools for Building Social and Emotional Literacy in Children and Young People – online workshop April 2024

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Product Code: OW3006
Facilitator: Alison Krusec

In this highly-engaging workshop, we explore diverse range of original resources developed especially for building social and emotional literacy in children. The resources are tools for generating change and strategies to encourage children to recognise body signals, sooth worry and anxiety, build strengths and resilience, navigate and regulate emotions, build respectful relationships, and challenge gender stereotypes.

The early years—from birth to eight years old—is a time when remarkable growth is taking place and brain development is at its peak. Children begin to mirror the language, behaviours and attitudes of people around them. They internalise concepts about their potential and place in life. This includes ideas about gender and culture. By teaching children skills for navigating their internal world of feelings as well as their external world of connection with others, we support them to lay the foundations of life-long resilience.

The workshop explores:

  • navigating and regulating emotions
  • developing strengths and resilience
  • building respectful relationships
  • supporting adults caring for children—including self-care and parenting.

Participants will:

  • take away practical everyday ideas for using the tools
  • explore tools for teaching children to recognise and talk about body signals and feelings
  • discover how body signals can be used to help teach children protective behaviours
  • get some simple, fun activities children can do to self-soothe worry or anxiety.

Dates: Tues 30 APRIL, 2024

Time: 2:00pm-4:30pm AEST