Strength Cards® Unlimited: A special offer for SOON readers!

Posted: 01/05/2024

Strength Cards® Unlimited takes conversations about strengths in all sorts of new directions.

We know that each of us has strengths that can help us overcome challenges and solve problems—but strengths are more than just our personal qualities. They can include everything from our relationships and communities to our culture and identity. Even our family pets and personal possessions can be strengths!

We’ve had so much great feedback on Strength Cards® Unlimited that it’s led us to create a brand new edition, featuring three sentence starters on the back of each card. We hope it will open-up even richer conversations about our strengths, skills and capabilities.

BUT, before our new edition comes off the press, we’d like to offer SOON readers the opportunity to purchase our existing stock of Strength Cards® Unlimited for the special price of $49.95

Discover the vast range of strengths we can draw on to face life’s challenges, better connect with others and create a more optimistic picture of the future.

Use the code soonmay at checkout when you purchase Strength Cards® Unlimited via our website to get your $10 discount. Offer ends Friday 24 May or when stock runs out.


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