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Bold, beautiful and bursting with positive messages for teams and organisations—have a whole heap of sticker fun with the riotous circus of Strengths in Teams! Use these liveliest of stickers to celebrate the special qualities that make your workplace, team or family tick. The stickers represent 30 common strengths of well-functioning teams, and can be used to recognise both the collective and individual strengths found in any group.

  • Gift stickers to colleagues to recognise their unique contributions.
  • Use the stickers to encourage good leadership and reward effort.
  • Share the stickers with your team members to refocus on strengths during tough times.
  • Create family trees by identifying a strength for each member of the family.
  • Invite students to choose stickers as prompts for creative writing and storytelling.
  • Use stickers on letters, memos, newsletters, walls, doors and staff room fridges to promote a culture of strengths in your organisation.

Stickers may be little, but they say a lot about how we value strengths in our schools, families and organisation. They are a fun way to share positive messages with everyone. Whether you’re the ring master, the trapeze artist, the clown or the lighting engineer, you can easily say ‘Thanks’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Good Work’ and ‘We Appreciate You’ with the Strengths in Teams stickers.

Strengths in Teams card set also available

Published by Innovative Resources, 2010
5 sets of stickers on A4 backing sheets
150 stickers in total, each sticker 72mm x 50mm

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Stories and Reviews

Strengths Move the Heart (SOON vol. 5, 2005)

‘We have an hour to go.  How would you like to spend it?’

‘I wanna play with them cards some more!’

Having worked with Aboriginal people in the far northern communities of Queensland for nearly 10 years, these words almost brought tears to my eyes. The cards this teacher aide was referring to were Strengths in Teams and The Bears.

I was asked to work with a small team of Indigenous teachers at a school to concentrate on setting up a great classroom environment. (I think they wanted me to work on the ‘exterior’ but I decided that the ‘interior’ would be an interesting place to start!)

We started the two-day session by talking about the strengths that each person would bring to the team. I had goose bumps when it was clear that each member was going to bring amazing strengths that could support the rest of the team in times of need. Again, I held back the tears. It was moving to see the smiles on the teacher’s faces when they realised that they were being appreciated for who they are and what they can offer.

The team decided that they were going to display their strengths by using the Strengths in Teams stickers on a wall in the shared office. They could then look at the wall when they were going through a difficult or great time to see who they could share with.

Never before in my 10 years of working with teachers had I seen so much communicated in such a short time. We even addressed all the ‘tough questions’.   Unbelievable!

Thank you to the amazing team at Innovative Resources for producing, believing in and sharing the tools that allows us to develop closer relationships with those around us.

Jenni McDonald, Director and Educational Consultant
Class Act Educational Supplies, Cairns (QLD, Australia)