Strengths to the Max STICKERS

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Here come Max, Maxine and Maximillian the Third… in miniature! Celebrate a galaxy of hidden strengths with these brightly coloured stickers, perfect for older children, adults and young people. Strengths to the Max goes a step beyond the ever popular Strengths Cards by identifying a range of both familiar and unexpected strengths. Use these stickers to recognise special effort, and qualities demonstrated in life’s more challenging situations.

  • Identify a ‘Strength of the Week’ and display the sticker as a reminder.
  • Invite students to choose stickers that reflect the unusual or unexpected strengths they notice in each other.
  • Congratulate children on their strengths using stickers on reports, school work and certificates.
  • Celebrate a colleague’s handling of a tricky situation with the appropriate sticker.
  • Create family trees by identifying a strength for each member of the family.

Stickers may be little, but they say a lot about how we value strengths in our schools, families and communities. The Strengths to the Max stickers are a fun way to send positive messages about the surprising, disguised, and unconventional strengths we all have. Here’s your chance to say ‘Thanks’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Good Work’ and ‘We Appreciate You’ with a touch of intergalactic, sticker magic!

Published by Innovative Resources, 2011
5  complete sets on A4 backing sheets
A total of 300 stickers, each sticker 40mm x 40mm