Card hacks for… Anxiety Solutions for Kids

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

Most children (or adults) experiencing worry or anxious feelings think they have little or no control over how they feel or the thoughts they have. Anxiety Solutions for Kids: 50 ways to ride the wave, is a set of cards with 50 simple, practical, fun activities for children who experience worry or anxiety from time to time—and that’s every child!

In this 30-minute FREE online session we will explore:

  • the skills to explore ‘worry’ and find ways to distract and soothe
  • how to help children choose the calming strategies that are most effective for them
  • the broad range of therapeutic strategies covered by Anxiety Solutions for Kids
  • how to create a safe environment for talking about worry and anxiety
  • how to use the cards in different settings, such as counselling and early childhood learning
  • feedback and ideas other practitioners have shared with us.

This session is ideal for counsellors, primary teachers and early childhood educators, mental health professionals, foster carers and anyone who works with, or cares for, children.