Card hacks for… Next Steps

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

We’ve all heard the expression ‘to put one foot in front of the other’.  But when we are managing mental health issues or other life challenges, even the simplest actions can feel hard. Next Steps was designed to remind us that every journey starts with a first step.

The 52 full-colour photographic images that make up Next Steps invite reflection on what’s been achieved already, and what might be possible … right now, tomorrow, or in the days and weeks ahead.

Built on strengths-based principles,  encourages people to be their own agents of change.

In this 30-minute FREE online session we will explore:

  • the power of simple, daily actions in creating change
  • the many settings and situations where Next Steps could be useful
  • how the images of everyday activities can be used to prompt conversations
  • questions that can help unlock the intention of the cards
  • the relationship between strengths and goalsetting
  • creating a safe environment for using the cards
  • feedback and ideas other practitioners have shared with us.

This session is ideal for counsellors, youth and family service workers, mental health professionals, aged care workers, rehabilitation professionals, life coaches … and more.