Card hacks for… Strength Cards®

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

Wherever we go, whatever we do, in times of struggle and in times of ease—our strengths can lead the way! Innovative Resources’ flagship resource, Strength Cards®, is for anyone who wants to create positive outcomes by focussing on strengths and capacities rather than problems and deficits.

In this 30-minute FREE online session we will explore:

  • why talking about strengths is a powerful place to start meaningful conversations
  • how to use the cards to encourage conversations about strengths and solutions
  • important questions for getting the most out of the cards
  • using Strength Cards® to create respectful and safe spaces
  • using the cards a across a range of settings and situations
  • lots of great activities and inspiring ideas other practitioners have shared with us.

This session is a must for social workers, health professionals, counsellors, life-coaches, teachers, wellbeing staff, workshop facilitators and trainers, HR managers, parents and carers.