Card hacks for… Up and downs

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

The vagaries of the sea, with its tides, waves and unpredictable weather provide a great metaphor for the ups and downs of life.

In Ups and Downs, the ‘everyperson’ character—who takes to the high seas in nothing but a bathtub—captures life in all its vulnerability, wonder and terror.

Steeped in strength-based practice, Ups and Downs shows us that in the midst of our greatest challenges we can find opportunities for change, clarity and hope.

In this 30-minute FREE online session we will explore:

  • using the metaphor of the sea to talk about navigating change and seeking solutions
  • the many settings and situations where Ups and Downs can be helpful
  • some simple questions that can unlock the power of the cards
  • using Ups and Downs as a goalsetting tool
  • creating a safe environment for using the cards
  • feedback and ideas other practitioners have shared with us.

This session is ideal for counsellors, youth and family service workers, mental health professionals, life coaches, sports psychologists, school wellbeing advisors … and more.