Strengths-based supervision: reflecting on practice

Facilitator: Alison Krusec


Supervision plays a pivotal role in professional development, and strengths-based approach supervision can be highly effective and rewarding with its focus on shared responsibility, shared learning and shared leadership.

Strengths-based supervision: reflecting on practice is a workshop designed to re-energise your approach to supervision. It creates a space to explore supervision that values collaboration, mutual respect, careful reflection and constructive challenge.

This workshop is facilitated by the highly knowledgeable Alison Krusec, who creates a welcoming and open space for all. Participants will enjoy an unmissable opportunity to understand and explore reflective practice and apply it in their work.

What to expect:

The workshop aims to build skills in supervision. The format is collaborative and conversation-based, enabling participants to ask questions, learn from peers and develop their practice and use of the resources. It provides:

  • a space to explore what a strengths approach has to offer to supervision
  • the opportunity to develop and practice skills used in supervision
  • an environment of respect, inspiration, challenge and support
  • a focus on the structure of supervision, our place within that structure, and creating transparency
  • exploration and reflection of our own abilities as a supervisor.

Resources used:

Suitable for: