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Congratulations on purchasing reflexions, a set of 34 stunning visual prompts for working with young people.

With its blend of photo-montage, illustration and text, reflexions provides just the right ‘edge’ to encourage young people to share their feelings and open up about identity, goals, relationships … and other stuff that can be hard to talk about.

Now that you have the cards, you will be wanting some fresh and innovative ideas for how to incorporate them into your work.

In this toolbox, you’ll find:

  • the digital booklet which contains more detailed information about how to use the cards when working with young people and families, the therapeutic strategies behind the resource, and includes a whole range of creative ideas for using the cards
  • access to a digital set of the cards so you can use them anywhere, anytime
  • ideas banks, blogs, card hack videos, interviews and other support material.

We hope you enjoy browsing this page and are inspired by the stories of others who have used the cards. Don’t forget to explore the range of other supporting materials and information at your fingertips any time you need it.

This toolbox is exclusively for people who have purchased reflexions. We will continue to add resources and ideas, so check in regularly to see what’s new!

The Reflexions booklet

The Reflexions digital cards

Ideas bank

Blog- What’s different about the new edition of Reflexions?

If you are a youth worker, counsellor, mentor, teacher, chaplain or welfare coordinator in a school, chances are you’ve come across the Reflexions cards somewhere along the line. You may even have a set kicking around in your tool bag of resources. A new edition of Reflexions was released in 2018 featuring two new cards and a visual makeover throughout. Here’s the low-down: Read more

Blog- ‘Reflexions’ – building emotional intelligence in young adults

Becoming an independent individual is a complex and sometimes difficult journey. Who am I? What am I feeling? What is important to me? What choices and changes do I want? Where am I at and where am I heading? Reflexions can help young people reflect on their lives and see themselves from different angles. These cards are inspirational and motivational—they are a powerful reminder that young people can make active choices about who they want to be. Read more

Blog- Reflexions – a Tool for Young People

Innovative Resources’ cards can act as ‘conversational prompts’. That is, when used in conversations with other people, they can suggest pathways of communication that can effect change, not only in how we think about ourselves, but also in our relationships. We hope that anyone might obtain meaning and enjoyment from simply picking up the cards and using them to ponder their own feelings and thoughts regarding the choices they make and how they have shaped their personal identity. Read more

Blog- When a family reconnects

The importance of creating pathways for young people to reconnect with school life in a positive way is reflected in the title of a community-based early intervention and prevention service simply called the ‘Reconnect Program’. Read more

Blog- Getting from here to there… (Two simple questions)

I once heard a story from a very skilled and experienced social worker about using two simple questions:

  •  Can you pick a card that says something about where you are at?
  •  Can you pick a card that says something about where you want to be?

At the time, he was working with a teenage boy who was refusing to go to school. Read more

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