What’s different about the new edition of Reflexions?

Posted: 09/04/2018

If you are a youth worker, counsellor, mentor, teacher, chaplain or welfare coordinator in a school, chances are you’ve come across the Reflexions cards somewhere along the line. You may even have a set kicking around in your tool bag of resources. A new edition of Reflexions was released in 2018 featuring two new cards and a visual makeover throughout. Here’s the low-down:

So what’s different ?

Along with two new cards (now 34 cards instead of 32), every card was updated with new visual elements. These include social media and many other digital references. You will also find references to recent concepts such as ‘fake news’. Images that more fully represent gender inclusiveness, refugees, disability, environmental issues, and other aspects of social justice are also present. Exam and employment stress and other features of many young people’s experience have also been included. The box and back of card images have also been completely revamped, and there is a new ‘Activities Card’ giving you some quick-grab ideas on how to use the cards.

What are the two new cards?

The two new cards are ‘Able to Ask for Help’ and ‘Able to Start Over’—essential resilience skills for anyone. These new cards join the other ‘Able to’ cards in the set, which are: ‘Able to Change’, ‘Able to Work With Others’, and ‘Able to Make Decisions’. That makes 5 ‘Able to’ cards in the new edition.

How do the ‘Able to’ cards from Reflexions work?

The ‘Able to’ cards point the way to how change can happen. Here’s an example of an activity: Put the ‘Able to’ cards to one side and spread out the rest of the Reflexions cards. Invite a young person to pick a card for how they are feeling about something right now (such as school, family, friends, work) and then pick a card for how they would like to be feeling. Then introduce the ‘Able to’ cards and use each one to help shed light on how to get where they want to be.

 When was Reflexions first published and why?

Reflexions was first published in 1999, and was the inspiration of Russell Deal, the founder of Innovative Resources. Building on the success of earlier card sets for children and families, Reflexions was designed especially for having conversations with young people about their feelings, identity, relationships, successes, struggles and goals.

 What is the purpose of the photomontage design style?

Tim Lane is the designer for both editions of Reflexions. The mix of photographs, other images and fonts add layers of meaning to the key word on each card. Each visual element gives another window into the conversation with the young person. Sometimes gritty and brooding, as well as passionate and soulful, these cards don’t shy away from the depths of feelings that young people experience—the light as well as the dark. But most of all when working with young people—the real.

 Where did the photographs come from?

Indigenous young people from Eaglehawk Secondary School in Bendigo, Victoria, were engaged for a photoshoot with Tim. Some of these young people are now parents of young people themselves! These original photographs plus a collection of others by Tim, make up the photography for this card set.

 Why was a second edition of this card set published?

It is surprising how well the original photography has stood the test of time. Perhaps this is because emotions and the essence of what people want—happiness, acceptance, relationship, enjoyment, and the power to make choices and find a way through adversity—endures. But in 20 years there have been many changes in young people’s social landscape, and this is what we wanted to represent in the cards.

 Where can I find other ideas for using ‘Reflexions’?

The booklet for the first edition contains lots of suggestions for activities, and is on the Reflexions product page. Also on that page you will find an ideas bank with lots of suggestions for activities. Inside the box of the new edition you will also find  an Activities Card. And don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss other ideas or send us an email.

Phone : +61 3 5446 0500.  email: info@innovativeresources.org





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