Early Years Trauma Informed Care bundle

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A collection of simple, colourful and engaging resources for supporting children who have experienced trauma.

The Early Years Trauma Informed Care bundle has been developed to help children explore feelings, body signals and safety. It also includes a range of proactive strategies and activities for managing anxiety and stress, connecting with others and building emotional literacy. The resources in this bundle draw heavily on strengths-based, solution-focused and trauma-informed approaches to supporting children as they navigate the nuanced and challenging terrain of trauma.

This value pack includes:

  • Tell a Trusted Adult—a gentle resource that supports conversations about safety with children.
  • Body Signals®—featuring a playful mob of meerkats who help children tune into their body signals and build a language to describe them.
  • Anxiety Solution for Kids—50 simple, practical, and fun activities to help children manage anxious thoughts and feelings.

Suggested uses for this pack:

  • Each card set comes with exclusive access to an online Toolbox of extras, including a digital booklet containing activity ideas, access to a digital set of the cards, ideas banks, blogs, card hack videos, interviews and other support material.
  • These resources can be used across the curriculum to support social and emotional skills development, build self-confidence and help children navigate relationships.
  • Great for working with children and families from different backgrounds and in different settings—in classrooms, groups or one-on-one. They can also be shared with parents and carers to support their child’s development.

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Special Note:

Innovative Resources is listed on the Victorian Government’s School Readiness Funding menu, providing resources and training to help Early Years teams build specific social and emotional skills in children and families.