Koala Company cards (Digital version)

A set of 50 circular, digitally-interactive cards for exploring feelings and building emotional literacy

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Need some really good company? Meet a great bunch of 50 koala characters for talking about feelings and how to manage them. When it comes to feelings, words often escape us so an image is a great way of sharing how we are feeling. These cards can be used as a communication tool, an evaluation tool and as a reflection tool. They can be used with individuals, in classrooms, families, or groups. Each of these delightful cards brings us up close and personal with a very expressive koala face. Which koala are you today? The glad, mad or just plain sad one? The shy or scared one? Or perhaps you are experiencing a mixture of feelings and emotions, all at the same time?

There are no words on the cards, so you are say what each koala is feeling. Great for adults, children or young people—and anyone with literacy or language challenges.

  • Pick a card for how you are feeling now/this morning/over the past week.
  • Pick a card for how you would like to be feeling.
  • Pick a card for how the year has gone so far, and one for how you hope it goes in the next few weeks.
  • Use the cards to evaluate stages in a project.
  • Create a ‘family sculpture’ by picking cards to represent family members.
  • Which cards show some of your feelings about them?
  • Select cards for similar feelings/opposite feelings/difficult feelings/delightful feelings.

50 full-colour, circular, digitally interactive cards, with a booklet of suggested uses

ISBN: 978-1-925657-41-8

Illustration & design: Mat Jones

Original concept: Russell Deal

CAT NO: D3061