Strength Cards – Vahvuus Kortit (FINNISH Translation)

The Finnish edition of the Strength Cards

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For many people the Strength Cards (or Vahvuus Kortit for our Finnish customers) have been life-changing, which is why the cards are used by thousands of family workers, teachers, counsellors, trainers and parents worldwide.

Vahvuus Kortit was developed in association with colleagues in Finland, originally for use by Finnish human service professionals. However, the cards are equally suitable for Finnish families and for Finnish expat communities around the globe.

Use Vahvuus Kortit for a whole range of purposes that include helping people identify their strengths and skills, goal setting, exploring values, critical reflection, evaluation and creative writing. They’re even useful for job interviews and public speaking at birthdays and funerals!

Grounded in strengths-based theory, these 54 illustrated cards are capable of opening up conversations about the hard stuff in life as well as nurturing new ways of thinking about life’s possibilities. Vahvuus Kortit offers three key reminders for us all:

  • We all have strengths and it helps if we can identify and name our strengths.
  • We can all mobilise and use our strengths to address particular problems.
  • Sharing and celebrating strengths is important.

For more than 20 years, people around the world have been drawn to Strength Cards / Vahvuus Kortit by the cards’ simplicity, gentle humour, plain language, versatility and conversation-building capacity. Use them to spark curiosity and ignite a multitude of questions—because wherever we go, whatever we do, strengths are with us… and everyone has them!

Published by Innovative Resources, 2008.
54 laminated, full-colour cards, 120 x 150mm
Polypropylene box with 41-page booklet.
Author: Russell Deal
Illustrator: Katie Jardine