Early Years Respectful Relationships value pack

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Innovative Resources, listed on Victoria’s SRF menu, provides resources and training to help Early Years teams build explicit social and emotional skills in children and families.

Our colourful, fun-filled resources and training apply a strengths-based approach, recognised as an effective way to support wellbeing in the early years, and help promote a whole-of-setting focus on wellbeing:

  • supporting children to manage their emotions and build resilience
  • strengthening children’s social and emotional wellbeing
  • capturing the voice of the child
  • partnering with families.

The Early Years Value Packs – this Pack is one of four that have been specially curated to focus on managing feelings, trauma informed care, supporting families and building respectful relationships. They can be used with culturally and linguistically diverse children and families, and shared with parents and carers to support their child’s development.


The Early Years Respectful Relationships value pack

Making friends comes absolutely naturally to many children. But even young children may find forming friendships a highly complex business, overlaid with social rules and expectations. The resources in this pack will help children to develop respectful, inclusive relationships, build friendships and value others and includes:

Card sets

  • Can-Do Dinosaurs – ideal for helping children overcome fears, develop confidence, build friendships and make good decisions by focusing on what they can do, rather than what they can’t
  • Cars R Us – a unique, interactive tool for exploring emotions and learning how to make skillful choices
  • Funky Fish Feelings – 48 fabulous fish characters for helping children describe feelings
  • Mates Traitsdesigned to help children think and talk about relationships, social skills, communication, personalities and interests, and provides a unique way of working towards the prevention of bullying



  • Pocket of Stones – 12 quirky little hand-made characters that resonate with children, ideal for talking about feelings

Picture Book

  • The Wrong Stone – a much-loved picture book that celebrates diversity and inclusion

Ideas for use

  • Each card set comes with a booklet of ideas for use
  • Download the Pack’s Ideas Bank for more tips and suggestions.