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We create engaging and reflective conversation-starting tools that empower people to create positive change. But don’t take our word for it—this is what our customers have to say.

"Navigating Depression is a wonderful resource for therapists and counsellors to use and for their patients and clients to enjoy. With great creativity and skill, the authors and illustrator have woven together a set of materials that can be used to prompt reflection and help to bring forth the natural wisdom and resources of the heart and mind. "

★★★★★ - From foreword of Navigating Depression by Mark Williams, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford. Co-author of Deeper Mindfulness: The New Way to Re-discover Calm in a Chaotic World.

"There is still much stigma in society when it comes to mental health, including the mental health and vicarious trauma of human service workers. What these cards do for me is hold up a different perspective, like a mirror, and communicate that it is all right to be human and I am deserving of self-care. "

★★★★★ - Review of Self-care cards by Danni McDougall, social worker and author of Eating disorders & other shadowy companions.

"Wanted to share my joy in using the Choosing Strengths card set with some staff who are in charge of assessing and approving government aid… I was not sure how it would turn out, but the activity brought the energy up and made participants more open to seeing and positioning themselves differently in relation to their clients. "

★★★★★ - Social worker, trainer and educator, Choosing Strengths

"As an early childhood teacher and a researcher, I was looking for resources for social-emotional development and I found them [Strengths cards for Kids] on the internet … Young children cannot read, but the graphics of the cards were very intuitive and with my help they could understand what the card was about. I also had the card stickers and children were getting one sticker each time (the card which best described them) – they loved that positive reinforcement. "

★★★★★ - Interview with Μαrία Χατζηγιάννη, Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood and Care at the University of West Attica in Athens, Greece and an honorary lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

"The cards from Innovative Resources have been a great asset in my DBT program. The cards help people to be able to name the feelings they have and describe what those feelings are like inside their body. There are so many other packs of cards that are useful but I have The Bears and the Body Signals® cards in my bag every shift. Some patients come and ask me if they can do the cards with me. It opens conversations that can be hard to start as a clinician. I often find out things that I never would have known without using the cards."

★★★★★ - Interview with Terri Borschman, mental health practitioner with expertise in Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

"For people experiencing big emotions around change, life can feel problem-saturated at times. It can be really hard for them to get their head around the idea that they have strengths. The cards can be a really great tool for “concretising” what a strength is. "

★★★★★ - Interview with Penny, child, youth and family worker.

"I am impressed with the thoughtfulness that has gone into the selection of each image and then the appropriateness of the questions on the back. The images are beautiful and the healing conversations that come out of using them is astounding. Amazing resource!"

★★★★ - Amy Schofield, Exploring Shame card set

"Strength Cards® are quick and easy to use. When your role means you are mobile, they can be kept in your bag and are available (at) any time."

★★★★★ - Elisabeth Briar, Strength Cards® set

"…invaluable to me as a beginning practitioner. I am already experiencing the empowerment, voice and optimism these resources give the children I work with. Thank you!!"

★★★★ - Susanne Dean, Anxiety Solutions Workshop review

"The Bears Cards are invaluable. They are so versatile, friendly, quick and unassuming, which adds to their charm and usability in an infinite number of ways."

★★★★★ - Patrick Bright, The Bears Card Set

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, feeling renewed enthusiasm and passion for my role. Thank you for providing such an authentic and thorough course."

★★★★★ - Stephen Manning, Strengths Approach to Practice Online Workshop Review

"Very engaging and time-framed workshop with lots of opportunities to connect over the content."

★★★★★ - Rebecca Taylor, Social and Emotional Literacy Workshop Review