90 Anxiety Solutions for Kids pack

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90 anxiety solutions for kids – Body Signals® + Anxiety Solutions for Kids

Most children experiencing worry or anxious feelings think they have little or no control over how they feel or the thoughts they have. This is a pack that will help children learn to identify and interpret their body signals and develop some fun, practical techniques to soothe and calm those anxious moments.

Body signals let us know immediately when we feel stressed. They’re crucial for navigating everyday life—building emotional and mental resilience. Body Signals® brings to life a marvellous mob of meerkat characters to help children tune into their body signals and learn to describe them.

Anxiety Solutions for Kids is a pack of solutions-oriented strategies to quickly reroute the brain into another zone. The 50 cards offer simple fun activities, drawn from a number of modalities, and use focussing and/or distracting techniques. By learning the art of deliberate attentional control, children can take their mind in a different direction any time they need to.

Together the card sets provide a toolkit for helping children understand and manage anxiety.