The Bears and Body Signals® value pack

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The bears and meerkats team up!

Look inside on any typical day and you may notice a swirling mix of emotions and body signals.

Using The Bears cards and Body Signals cards together can be very useful in supporting people learning to identify and navigate emotions, as well as self-soothe unwanted body signals.

The Bears is the go-to resource for talking about emotions. Body Signals features a mob of marvellous meerkats depicting body signals—the involuntary physiological responses of the body.


This pack includes:

The Bears – A beloved resource helping people of all ages talk about feelings

The Bears is a simple yet effective resource for helping people of all ages and walks of life convey their feelings. The colourful set consists of 48 cards showing beautifully illustrated bears in various emotional states.

Body Signals® – Illustrated cards for recognising the feelings in our body

Sometimes called our early warning signs, body signals let us know when we feel stressed or unsafe. Everyone needs to recognise their body signals as they play an integral role in forming protective behaviours and navigating everyday life.


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