The Social Work value pack

$242.00 inc. GST

Product Code: 1118

Add to your client resources with this collection of bestselling cards sets, available as a pack for a limited time.

This family focused value pack includes these card sets:

  • Positive Parentinga wonderful 40 card resource for opening up conversations and storytelling with parents and carers
  • Picture This: 75 stunning photographs to stimulate the imagination, memory and emotions
  • No Room for Family Violence: 30 cards for conversations about abuse and respectful behaviour in relationships
  • Deep Speak120 question cards, each one relevant to the issues that absorb young people as they deal with relationships, identity, emotions, beliefs and values
  • Strength Cards for Kids40 cards to help children recognise their strengths
  • and BONUS set of Cavepersons: a punchy prehistoric card set that invites reflection and discussion about the pressures and stresses faced by modern men.

Each card set comes with its own booklet of ideas for use and useful background information.