School readiness funding

School Readiness Funding priority area: Wellbeing (social and emotional)

Innovative Resources named as provider under school readiness funding.

Our products and training have been identified for inclusion on the Department’s menu. This means that we have been through a formal validation process that analysed our alignment to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, considered in the light of their evidence base.

We can work with you to provide training for staff and parent groups, in line with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. We are happy to provide quotes for products and resources applicable to early learning and school readiness and invoice your organisation accordingly.






Value packs

To make it easy, Innovative Resources has put together four value packs of resources that can assist with supporting a strong sense of wellbeing.

Early years exploring feelings value pack

The Early Years Exploring Feelings Value Pack has been curated to help children develop these essential skills with resources that focus on emotions, strengths and body signals through fabulous characters that children love. Read more


Early years trauma informed care value pack

The Early Years Trauma Informed Care value pack has been curated to help children when extra support is greatly needed. This collection of resources is developed using a strengths-based, solutions-focussed and trauma-informed approach to supporting children with challenges great and small. Read more

Early years respectful relationships value pack

The Early Years Respectful Relationships Value Pack has been curated to help children develop respectful, inclusive relationships, build friendships and value others. Read more

Early years supporting families value pack

The Early Years Supporting Families value pack has been curated with resources that utilises a strengths-based approach. This approach is recognised as an effective way to support wellbeing in the early years, and help promote a whole-of-setting focus on wellbeing and positivity. Read more

Suggested resources for wellbeing areas

A strong sense of wellbeing enables children to maximise learning and life opportunities. Many of our resources can be used to explore multiple wellbeing areas, with children, parents, carers and early years educators. Here are some suggestions:

Self-regulation, focus and attention

Positive relationships, friendships, and attachments

Emotional resilience and positive mental health

Social responsibility and helping skills

Fine and gross motor skills.

Create a variety of games using the resources.

  • Snap
  • Memory games/Matching games
  • Tell stories and create stories using the cards and tactile resources

Add to the experience with a sticker!

Stickers may be little, but they can say a lot.

Stickers are a great tool for letting children know they are valued and that you see their strengths. Despite kids having access to loads of apps and digital games, they still seem to love stickers. Stickers are fun, versatile and tactile. They are also portable so you can take them anywhere, making them easy to whip out to do a quick activity or have a conversation on the fly.

Early years workshops

Explore the range of workshops we offer to develop your skills in using our resources in a our highly-interactive workshops designed especially for early childhood educators.

Online workshops can be accessed by individuals by registering via our training webpage. We can deliver to groups – face-to-face or online, where the workshop will be co-designed with you and our facilitator in consideration of:

  • learning priorities of your team
  • relevance to roles and responsibilities of participants
  • topics/resources/activities to be included.

To enquire about a group booking:

Tools for building social and emotional literacy in the early years

This workshop explores:

  • navigating and regulating emotions
  • developing strengths and resilience
  • building respectful relationships
  • supporting adults caring for children—including self-care and parenting.

Navigating the playground and other transitions

This workshop explores:

  • Working with children to identify feelings and responses to situations
  • Using tools to open discussion with children about improving their playtime or other areas of transition.
  • Exploring strengths with children to recognise the resources they have in their lives.

Exploring ways to capture the voice of the child

This workshop explores:

  • a range of strategies to support the capture of the child’s voice
  • what the challenges can be, and review opportunities to do something different
  • how to run feedback activities that work in different environments and settings.

Strengths-based supervision: reflecting on practice

Strengths-based supervision: reflecting on practice.

This workshop explores:

  • what a strengths approach has to offer to supervision
  • the opportunity to develop and practice skills used in supervision
  • an environment of respect, inspiration, challenge and support
  • a focus on the structure of supervision, our place within that structure, and creating transparency
  • exploration and reflection of our own abilities as a supervisor.


To obtain an invoice

Please note that we are happy to invoice your centre. Just email us at with the following information:

  • organisation name
  • billing & shipping address
  • contact person including phone number & email address
  • list of products and workshops you wish to purchase. (If you are wanting to register multiple people in an online workshop, please include their name and email addresses so they can be sent workshop details once payment is received.)