Card hacks for… Cars ‘R’ Us

Posted: 31/08/2023

Cars ‘R’ Us is a set of cards based on the versatile metaphor of the car. They are great for talking with children, and adults, about feelings, wellbeing, strengths, values, and relationships. Based in Choice Theory, these cards can help jump start conversations about how…

Card hacks for… Positive Parenting

Posted: 31/08/2023

Positive Parenting is one of our best sellers, and for good reason. These 40 simple, beautifully-illustrated cards are built on the assumption that every parent wants to do the best they can for their children. Each card includes a sentence starter that people are invited…

Card hacks for…Deep Speak

Posted: 02/08/2023

Deep Speak, one of our most popular resources, has just had an update! Each of these 120 unique cards includes a single question—some of these questions are light-hearted, some are highly personal, some may be confronting or challenging. All of them invite us to…

Card hacks for…supervision

Posted: 27/07/2023

supervision is a resource for building strengths-based supervision conversations from start to finish! The supervision card set plays a pivotal role in professional development. It can be a powerful means of discovery and learning for both supervisor and practitioner—with the benefits flowing on to…

Card hacks for…Self Care – Cards For Home and Work

Posted: 27/07/2023

Self Care – Cards for Home and Work is a beautifully illustrated resource will spark reflection and conversation about self-care. Each card names a key theme such as habits, relationships, health, identity, balance, safety, support—and includes two questions to help get the conversation started….