The Anatomy of Anxiety

26/09/2018 - Posted by Georgena

For many of us, anxiety sucks. It feels unpleasant, it’s uneasy, uncomfortable and sometimes scary. It comes in so many different forms and no two people will experience it in the same way. Sometimes, it comes in different forms, at different times, and in different situations, for …Read more

What’s different about the new edition of Reflexions?

09/04/2018 - Posted by Georgena

If you are a youth worker, counsellor, mentor, teacher, chaplain or welfare coordinator in a school, chances are you’ve come across the Reflexions cards somewhere along the line. You may even have a set kicking around in your tool bag of resources. A new …Read more

The Importance of Play

06/03/2018 - Posted by Georgena

  In Play Together Learn Together, an ebook launched at Broadmeadows Women’s Community House late last month, author Genine Clements writes passionately about the primary importance of play. ‘It is widely understood from decades of research and academia that a child learns through play,’ …Read more

‘Reflexions’ hits the street with a brand new look

02/02/2018 - Posted by Georgena

Becoming an independent individual is a complex and sometimes difficult journey. Who am I? What am I feeling? What is important to me? What choices and changes do I want? Where am I at and where am I heading? Reflexions can help young people …Read more

Life is like a Patchwork Quilt

27/10/2016 - Posted by Georgena

We may all know what a patchwork quilt is, even if we each hold a slightly different impression in our mind’s eye. But what is a patchwork life? A Patchwork Life is one made up of different parts of one’s self, all sewn together. …Read more

Aboriginal Girls Circle

01/09/2016 - Posted by Georgena

In researching for an article on the subject of circle work, being the theory and practice that sits behind Innovative Resources’ Strengths in Circles card set, we came across a wonderful video capturing an Aboriginal Girl’s Circle in Australia. Of course it was no surprise to …Read more

Gender Fairness – How can we help it along?

28/07/2015 - Posted by Georgena

Well what a pleasure it was to host a mini workshop for Bendigo’s “Women in Figures” event. Participants engaged in a networking activity using  our Gender Fairness cards, resulting in some calls to action and suggestions that we, as individuals can adopt that will positively affect …Read more

Girls need real conversations!

19/06/2015 - Posted by Georgena

My first period arrived in 1969—just before my eleventh birthday. I had been excitedly looking for signs for some time and then, when it came, I slipped into painful shyness and embarrassment. Less than five years later I took myself to an unknown doctor in a faraway …Read more

Why honour menarche and menstruation?

22/05/2015 - Posted by Georgena

Menarche, or first period, is a time of profound change, the beginning of 35 to 40 years of fertility, cycling and menstruation. This is a time celebrated in many cultures as a rite of passage into a new stage of life with new rights, responsibilities, knowledge …Read more