Reconciliation in practice–how culturally competent are we?

Posted: 01/06/2020

A few years ago I was involved in a project that asked people from various non-Aboriginal organisations (including my own) to self-rate how safe they believed Aboriginal people felt either working in or accessing their service. We then asked Aboriginal colleagues and staff from …Read more

Listening to children’s voices

Posted: 01/06/2020

So often in the work we do, we are looking for innovative and creative ways to include the voices of the people we work alongside. This can be particularly challenging if we are working with children. Dr. Lisa Stafford and her team at the …Read more

Creating a team self-care plan

Posted: 22/01/2020

In many workplaces across Australia, many of the conversations in the lunch room are about bushfires and related topics (like the impact of climate change and how we feel about government responses). While Australia manages this most recent manifestation of climate change, these issues …Read more

Helping children express emotions through art

Posted: 22/01/2020

When children return to school after the holidays, the playground is often abuzz with stories about road trips to visit grandparents, movies with friends, hanging out at the pool, bike rides, camping with family, conquering of computer games, shopping trips, BBQs or just mooching …Read more

Carers come from all walks of life

Posted: 22/01/2020

In this interview, Kelly Harris, one of the team leaders in Home Based Care at Anglicare Victoria (Australia) talks about the ups and downs of recruiting carers. She also describes the many changes to Home Based Care services in the last 15 years. Increase …Read more

Supporting students with the curveballs of life

Posted: 22/01/2020

In this article we talk to student counsellor, Jack Bornyan, about how he used The Nature of Strengths cards in his work with a secondary student. Jack is currently completing a Bachelor of Counselling and is on placement at a secondary college in Frankston, …Read more

Reflections from the shadow side

Posted: 26/11/2019

As we enter the holiday period, we are often inundated with marketing imagery showing happy families celebrating together and children opening an extravagant number of gifts. This made me reflect on a Christmas Day two years ago that introduced me to the shadow side …Read more

Sparking conversation and connection

Posted: 26/11/2019

—using Reflexions and The Bears during a student placement Recently we spoke to Crystal Gordois, a third year social work student on placement with Anglicare Victoria, who shared some reflections on her decision to become a social worker.  While on placement in the Home …Read more

When a family reconnects

Posted: 25/11/2019

—an interview with Steve Phillis,  social work educator and senior practitioner The importance of creating pathways for young people to reconnect with school life in a positive way is reflected in the title of a community-based early intervention and prevention service simply called the …Read more

Respectful Relationships at Christmas

Posted: 05/11/2019

If someone were to ask each of us what Christmas meant to us, we would probably all have a different answer. We might talk about Christmas trees covered in wonky decorations made by our children, the ‘shushed’ wrapping of presents late at night or …Read more