Ethics: A Practitioner’s Life on the Edge

28/11/2017 - Posted by Georgena

Anyone who works with people faces a barrage of ethical decisions every day. All decisions by human services practitioners are taken within the context of values and ethics. Professional bodies and human service organisations generally have codes of conduct that may include ethical principles …Read more

Discover your Top 8 – A focussed approach to practice development

20/01/2016 - Posted by Georgena

After completing a successful ‘Top 8’ Discussion Series with teams at St Luke’s throughout last year, we are now offering your organisation the opportunity to get on board. Would you like your staff to engage in developing their practice? Are there important practice issues that …Read more

Celebrating grey areas, building ethical decision-making

04/06/2015 - Posted by Georgena

Whenever we think about the subject of ethics in human services, the word ‘dilemma’ often comes to mind. Consequently, and for me, sadly, when decisions to questions concerning ethics are called for, human service workers can frequently react with confusion, fear or doubt. A loss of confidence can ensue, …Read more