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Posted: 01/05/2024

First came the gold spinning top logo, then the pink spinning top, now, based on feedback from over 1000 of our fabulous customers (that’s you!) we have launched our latest look.

This time, our logo focusses on what we do best—creating conversation-starting tools and strength-based training, to support you to have gentle, empowering, strength-based conversations with the people you work with.

The new branding features speech bubbles … or are they two people talking? Maybe both!

Our new branding also comes with a bunch of colourful, quirky ‘speech bubble’ characters who are walking-the-talk when it comes to what we value here at Innovative Resources—they are reflecting quietly, waving their arms, whispering, singing, talking loudly, talking softly, one-on-one or in a great big bunch, and they are having all kinds of conversations about all kinds of things.

We’ve also spent lots of time trying to get to the essence of what we do and to sum it up in a couple of words—no easy feat. This is what we came up with:

spark new thinking

& unlock strengths

We’re excited about our new look. It makes us feel hopeful, inspired and ready to get on with the wonderful business of getting creative. Let us know what you think!



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