Hot off the press—Tell A Trusted Adult!

Posted: 21/10/2020

It’s been over two years in the making but after countless hours of review, consultation and revision, Tell A Trusted Adult is now at the press and being printed as we speak!

This vibrant new resource is perfect for having conversations with children about protective behaviours and safety. It includes 35 cards focussing on body signals—13 matched pairs and 6 activity cards—plus a 60-page booklet with loads of fun, simple activities and suggestions for how to use the cards.

Supporting children to develop protective behaviours is uppermost in the minds of teachers, social workers and parents. But how do you teach children about protective behaviours and safety?

Conversations about safety can feel tricky. We might worry that we don’t have the knowledge or resources to support us to have these conversations. We may feel anxious that children might say something concerning and we won’t know how to respond, or that we might make things worse. The Tell A Trusted Adult cards and booklet have been specifically designed to enable people to create respectful and inclusive spaces to have conversations with children about protective behaviours.

The key message in the Tell A Trusted Adult cards is, ‘When you feel unsafe, scared, sad, angry or frustrated, tell someone you trust’. But how do you know when you are unsafe? And how do you know who you can trust? The cards can be used to talk with children about how to recognise the body signals that tell them when they are safe and unsafe, how to tell the difference between fun secrets and secrets that feel bad and how to identify the adults they can turn to when things get tough, plus other strategies for staying safe.

Even very young children can be supported to recognise their body signals and understand the features of respectful relationships. In fact, the cards have no words on them so they are great for children as young as 3+. They are also fantastic for children who have low literacy levels, are visual learners or come from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

This beautifully-conceived card set is the work of Sharon Hynes and Katarina Meda. Sharon is an educator with 30+ years of experience as a classroom teacher and wellbeing support worker. Kat is a highly experienced illustrator, designer and teacher’s aide.

While Tell A Trusted Adult has been developed with primary teachers in mind, it is equally useful for social workers, counsellors, psychologists, parents, carers, or anyone wanting to have conversations with children about safety.

It is also available as a kit, which includes ten downloadable lesson plans (with adaptations for children aged 3+, 7+ and 10+) and six posters.



Tell A Trusted Adult                                                    $54.50 inc. GST          Product Code: 4980

Tell A Trusted Adult kit                                               $99.00 inc. GST          Product Code: 4981

(This is a special launch price until 31st Dec. From Jan 1st 2021, the kit will be $149.50.)

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