POSTCARDS – Sometimes to Send, Sometimes to Keep

Posted: 15/02/2019

The original purpose of developing POSTCARDS From Me to You was to provide residential care workers, carers, youth workers and young people with a simple, fun and meaningful way of communicating with each other. With a postcard they can send a message that can be kept on file, included in a young person’s life book or journal, or displayed on a wall, noticeboard or door. In these ways, Postcards become reminders of success, support, gratitude and other positive achievements and milestones. They create a positive connection between people, and when displayed, they add creative flair and help create a culture of caring within a school, family or residential care facility. In other words, the cards were designed to be given away. We even sell small, very affordable packs of replacement cards.

However, different ways of using POSTCARDS From Me to You are now emerging:

The cards can also be used as conversation starters, similar to the many other card packs developed by Innovative Resources. Each Postcard features a word or phrase that can stimulate a conversation. In working with a young person or a carer, you might ask, ‘What is your expectation of a carer, residential worker or youth worker?’ or ‘How can I best support you?’ or ‘Which Postcard would you most like to send or receive from someone you care about?’ The cards offer everything from ‘Got Your Back’ to ‘Proud’ ‘Alone’, ‘Deadly’, ‘Are you ok’, or simply ‘Best Wishes’. (In fact, there are twenty different messages—one on the front of each Postcard—and you can personalise your message by writing on the back.

In our Literary Therapist workshop participants experiment with a writing technique called the ‘unsent letter’. There might be a message that you would like to write to someone, without ever intending to send it—perhaps someone you no longer wish to have contact with, a partner you are separating from, or an apology that may be too late or impossible to convey in person. Using the Postcards to clarify the message can prompt the writing and help the healing—even when it is never sent.

Spread the Postcards out, and select a card to talk or write about.  Or select a card at random from the pile. The cards work equally well with individuals and groups.

The beauty of POSTCARDS From Me to You is that if you find you DO want to send the Postcard, you CAN! There are three copies of each postcard in the box so you can send some, give some away, and keep one full set to use in your practice. (And you also have the option of purchasing replacement packs of your favourite cards.)

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