Rainbow Talk – why LGBTQI+ resources are needed

Posted: 28/05/2021

Why are LGBTQI+ resources are needed?

Because everyone deserves respect. We share spaces with people whose ideas, beliefs and stories differ from our own. Our interests, languages, bodies and styles are many and varied, and this rich diversity is reflected in our experiences of gender, sexuality and biological sex as well.

People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender diverse, intersex and queer/questioning (LGBTIQ+) have always been part of every society but their stories and experiences have often remained hidden and untold.

Unless we all build our knowledge and understanding of the natural diversity that exists in terms of gender, sexuality and biological sex, we are unlikely to take the next step forward on the journey towards fairness for everyone.


How Rainbow Talk can help

Rainbow Talk encourages safe and respectful conversations with young people and adults about the broad spectrum of human experiences related to biological sex, sexuality and gender.

The cards provide an engaging focal point for discussing topics in ways that each person can be in control of what they share, and encourage conversations that promote understanding, empathy and celebration of diversity.

Everyone’s identity includes their gender and sexuality and, as such, these cards are for everyone. They invite us to explore our own attitudes, experiences and understanding of identity, as well as those of others, in ways that are inclusive, curious and thoughtful.

Rainbow Talk includes

  • 40 cards each with a sentence starter
  • 8 of these cards are OPENERS – to help establish the guidelines for a respectful conversation
  • A ‘Reminder for Facilitators’ card
  • A booklet of suggested uses and background information

Rainbow Talk 

Try our eLearning free sampler: Introduction to LGBTIQ-Inclusive Practice

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