Strengths are Fun and Surprising—Strengths are Within Everyone

Posted: 01/05/2017

Now in its third edition, Strength Cards for Kids features a mixed bunch of raucous, funny, serious, quiet, loud, big, small and rather outrageous animal characters. They get up to all kinds of antics, most of which you will never see when you are visiting animals in a zoo, park or sanctuary. That’s because—as any child knows—animals only do these things when humans aren’t looking.

  • An elephant and a tortoise playing soccer
  • A sloth in a hammock reading her favourite book
  • A rabbit bandaging the leg of a yak
  • A conga line of critters in the living room
  • A rhino pondering his next chess move
  • A meerkat on surf life-saving duty.

These are the kinds of activities you will see in Strength Cards for Kids. You’ll even see a little monkey crying and that’s because sometimes things can get tough. Thank goodness for the caring hug of the baby elephant. Everyone needs a friend like that.

 Why are the animals doing all these things in Strength Cards for Kids? Well, apart from having a huge amount of fun, they are demonstrating their strengths! And everyone has strengths, including us humans.

Strengths are Surprising

Like the strengths these animal characters are showing, sometimes our strengths are very surprising! Sometimes a strength is hidden deep inside and no one knows it’s there. Even if a strength is not hidden at all and someone is demonstrating it every day in countless ways—still others may not notice. Sometimes we have a kind of ‘strengths blindness’. Take ‘challenging behaviors’ for instance—they have strengths hidden within them too—but sometimes adults have to dig very deep to be able see them.

Like most people you may have a dose of ‘strengths blindness’ because even if we are very good at noticing the strengths of others, it’s common to be blind to many of our own strengths. Especially in times of difficulty, we might think our strengths have disappeared—and when things have been tough for a long time, we might even think we never had any strengths to begin with.

And that’s just … not … true.

Strengths are Within Everyone

Everyone has strengths—all the time! Strength Cards for Kids is based on the belief that it is very important to notice and celebrate strengths. One good reason for this is that strengths are the foundation of our resilience. They are our greatest assets to call on in times of difficulty. Each time we put a strength into practice, even in a seemingly small way, we are building more of that strength; we are adding to our capacity.

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  1. May Chan says:

    I am interested in buying the Strength Cards and Strength Cards for Kids. I am living in Hong Kong. Please kindly advise what is the fastest way of getting your package. I wrote to your Singapore reseller, but got no reply from them. I really need them very soon. Please give me some advivce on this. Thanks.

    • Chris Cain says:

      Hello May,
      If you order through our website we will get your goods out to you the day that you place the order if it is placed before 12pm our time. Generally you can expect your order to reach you in around 3-4 business days.
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