Unmasking the shadows: delving into shame’s depths

Posted: 27/07/2023

In this workshop, our expert facilitators, Michael Derby (author of Exploring Shame) and Alison Krusec (educator and trainer) will guide you through a discussion on the origins of shame, its influence on our sense of self, and practical techniques you can use to help…

Card hacks for…Self Care – Cards For Home and Work

Posted: 27/07/2023

Self Care – Cards for Home and Work is a beautifully illustrated resource will spark reflection and conversation about self-care. Each card names a key theme such as habits, relationships, health, identity, balance, safety, support—and includes two questions to help get the conversation started….

Tools for building social & emotional literacy in the early years

Posted: 30/05/2019

In this highly-engaging workshop, delivered over four 90 minute sessions (or timed to suit), we explore diverse range of original resources developed especially for building social and emotional literacy in children. The resources are tools for generating change and strategies to encourage children to…

Tools for wellbeing in human services work

Posted: 14/05/2019

Every work place has its stressors, especially professions that support others such as human services and education. Whether you work directly with clients or students, or are located primarily in an office, you will be aware of the toll your work can take on…