Posted: 29/10/2019

Rainbow Talk: 

40 cards for LGBTIQ-Inclusive Conversations

Excitement levels are high this week at Innovative Resources—the Rainbow Talk cards and booklet are off the press and in the house. Right now as this newsletter is finding its way to you, the cards are all laid out on the trestle tables in our warehouse being collated and sent out to those who have ordered them. Check your letterbox if that’s you.

Rainbow Talk is a set of 40 cards for creating respectful conversations with young people and adults about diversity and identity, particularly in relation to gender, sexuality and biological sex.

This resource is built on the understanding that these conversations are relevant to all young people and adults because we all have an identity related to our body, gender and sexuality. Furthermore, they are everyone’s responsibility because respectful and inclusive conversations about identity help build a fairer and more enriching society for everyone. Such conversations can play a pivotal role in bringing about positive social change by helping us all become more aware of ways in which people are marginalised or discriminated against based on their identity.

 Featuring a sentence starter on each card, this resource does not tell anyone what to think. Instead, it invites us to reflect on stereotypes, language, labels, social messages and human rights, as well as our own experiences, attitudes and hopes for the future.

Rainbow Talk is supported by a comprehensive booklet of suggested activities and tips for creating safe and inclusive conversations in human services, secondary and tertiary settings, workplaces, groups and sporting clubs. Organisations will find this to be an open and non-didactic resource for building LGBTIQ-inclusive organisational culture. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the ideas for using Rainbow Talk presented in the booklet (or any other ideas you may have for using the cards).




Rainbow Talk

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