Would you ever …

Posted: 11/10/2019

• Accept a gift from a client?

• Drink alcohol or smoke with a client?

•Acknowledge a client if you see them in public?

• Encourage a client to lie in order to access a service or benefit?

• Connect with a client on social media?

• Ask a client to sign a petition?

You may be able to answer some of these questions with a resounding ‘No!’ Others may cause you to waver, and still others may not pose a problem at all.

While every human service profession is governed by the laws of the land and has its own policies and codes of conduct, there are many greys areas that pose ethical dilemmas.  When there are no absolute right or wrong answers, where do you draw the boundaries?

Walking the Boundaries is a unique tool for building reflective practice. Through a single sentence starter, ‘Would you ever …?’ this resource shines a light on the assumptions and latent values that shape our practice. Each of the 80 cards opens up discussion regarding appropriate ethical responses to an everyday dilemma. The diverse responses that emerge reflect the profession, the organisation, the role, the experiences and the personal values of each participant. 


‘The perfect tool for building critical reflection’– Dr Fiona Gardner, La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia


Walking the Boundaries has been successfully used in team meetings, planning days and organisational culture building. The cards have also been used in one-on-one supervision, mentoring and coaching as a window into critical reflection and practice development. They are a great tool for students of social work and any human service teaching course. Also great for staff inductions.

Simply place the cards face down on a table and allow participants to choose one card at a time … and watch the conversation unfold. Is there consensus? Is there a firm belief? Is there a rule? Can you be unequivocal? Are there exceptions? How much depends on the role you are in?


80 full-colour, laminated cards, 105mm x 120mm
Polypropylene box with 44-page booklet







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