Navigating Depression

Posted: 06/12/2022

Navigating Depression cards

‘There are countless struggles and sources of pain in our lives. It can be tough. However, there are things we can do to help us navigate through challenging times, and not only survive but thrive and grow stronger through adversity.’  Kate Skilbeck

Drawing on the metaphor of the journey, these 40 beautifully-illustrated cards include five characters exploring the challenging terrain of depression.

Featuring a word and image on the front and a range of questions, sentence starters and evidence-based exercises on the back, the Navigating Depression cards have been designed to help people work with low mood or emotional distress.

You can use the cards to help people:

  • share their stories and experiences
  • build social and emotional literacy
  • proactively notice and address early warning signs
  • create healthy, protective habits
  • recognise when to seek support.

Great for teachers, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, parents or anyone supporting people experiencing depression, and perfect for use with adults and young people in one-on-one therapeutic conversations, groups or classrooms.

The set also includes an in-depth booklet with lots of ideas for activities.


2 responses to “Navigating Depression”

  1. Anna Maria Dell'oso says:

    Can I be on a pre-order list for Navigating Depression cards please?

    • Chris Cain says:

      Hello Anna.

      You have been added to the pre-order list. We will contact you once this product is in stock.

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