Sparkling Moments

Posted: 19/05/2015

‘Sparkling Moments’ (or Unique Outcomes as they are also called) were so named by Michael White in his articulation of Narrative Work, but the concept readily fits both solution-focused and strength-based approaches.

A Sparkling Moment can simply be defined as any time where the dominance of a problem disappears. These are the cracks in the doom and gloom when the sun shines through. Because no problem holds us in its grip with the same intensity over time it is always the case that there will be moments when we are less oppressed by it’s challenges. Our relationship with our problems is always in a state of flux.

Being reminded to look for any sparkling moments can suggest  strengths and solutions to be employed to stay resilient.

Identifying Sparkling Moments is a great strategy for keeping hope alive. The metaphor can be reinforced through a range of activities that fit strength approaches.


Starting a session with an individual client, a group of clients or even a team meeting with colleagues by inviting those present to introduce themselves by telling  a sparkling moment story is a safe, positive and comfortable opening exercise.

It works well in facilitated groups and can be readily adapted for work with individual clients or families.

It can be as simple as asking: Can you tell us about a sparkling moment that has happened for you since the last time we met? (Or in the last week/month/3 months etc)

by Russell Deal

St Luke’s Innovative Resources, through its strengths-approach training and tools workshops offers participants an opportunity to experience lots of strategies including Sparkling Moments, that can be introduced into conversations with clients and groups.

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