Strengths-based Practice goes online!

06/03/2018 - Posted by Georgena


St Luke’s Innovative Resources is delighted to announce the launch of its eLearning platform in May this year, with its flagship course—Strengths Approach to Practice.

Why do so many people find the strengths approach to practice such a deeply rewarding way to work? Why do they find that it enhances not only their work but also their personal relationships?

Perhaps it is because at the heart of the strengths approach is a simple yet far-reaching belief; all people have strengths and capacities. This fundamental belief not only influences the interaction human service workers have with individuals who access services, but it can also shape the kind of society we live in. Emerging from social justice movements, the strengths approach is committed to creating communities where people’s rights are respected, cultures are celebrated, stories are honoured and every person is seen as a contributor.

Were these the kinds of ideas that inspired you to become a human service practitioner in the first place? Would you like to put these ideas into even more effective practice in your work? If so, then strengths-based training is a great way to build your skills.

Perhaps you have been wanting to attend strengths based training but haven’t found the time or a course that has been offered locally? Do you like learning at your own pace, in the comfort of your own environment? Do you appreciate having the choice to linger over a particular section, or sail through another? Do you enjoy revising at your leisure, with your favourite bottomless cup at your side? Then online learning may be particularly suitable for you.

The Strengths Approach to Practice eLearning course consists of a range of reflective exercises, written material, video and other visual content. We hope that the variety of learning modalities will help create moments of insight and inspiration for you, while also providing you with a range of immediately applicable tools and skills.

How is the course structured?

The Strengths Approach to Practice consists of four modules:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to the strengths-approach
  • Module 2 – Power-over and power-with
  • Module 3 – Strengths-based conversations and the five column tool
  • Module 4 – Strengths approach skills

The course concludes with a summary of key ideas.

There are two additional short courses that you can enrol in to extend your learning:

  • Strengths Approach to Challenging Conversations
  • Strengths Approach to Client-Centred Recording


Please log your email address with us and we will keep you informed of our progress towards the launch. You will also be eligible for a heavily discounted introductory enrolment offer.


12 responses to “Strengths-based Practice goes online!”

  1. Cheryl Holmes says:

    We would like to keep our readership informed of this new course as it is available through our eNews (Spiritual Health Victoria) so I am signing up to receive updates and confirmation of the launch. Our network consists of practitioners working in spiritual care in health services.

  2. Silvia Di Blasio says:

    The log your email doesn’t launch…is there another way to keep in touch for this?

    • Georgena says:

      Thanks Silvia, We will check out the link. I have added you to our database, so we will keep you informed.

  3. Lisa Wood says:

    I would be interested in the online learning options. Please keep me informed.

  4. Catherine Thompson says:

    I am a Child & Family Counsellor. Could you please advise of eLearning updates

  5. heidi cocks says:

    Would love more info on your online courses

    • Georgena says:

      Hello Heidi,
      There will be heaps more information to come.
      We are just doing the final edits on our video content and starting our testing. It’s very exciting for us.

  6. Martha Roberts says:

    Hi. I am a mediator and would be interested in this training.

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