‘What Works?’ goes digital

Posted: 09/04/2018

Organisations that work well draw on a dynamic combination of strengths.
What are the strengths of your organisation?
How well does your organisation do with strengths such as planning, leadership, fairness, communication, role clarity, and creativity? What about managing change and resolving disputes? Which strengths will be needed for an upcoming project, a current challenge, or for the long term future?

What Works?, formerly a card set, is designed to stimulate strengths-based, solution-focussed conversations that help create:team building, shared vision, collaborative planning, shared leadership, best practice and change management.

You can purchase What Works? digital cards, then install the free Campion App. Once downloaded, you can use this product without needing internet connection. Use on your device, or project onto a big screen for group conversations.

In this interactive, user-friendly, digital version you can:

  • swipe through the 28 digital cards, one at a time
  • change the settings to see both sides of the cards on the screen at once—on the left is a key strength such as planning, leadership, change, transparency, and on the right are four indicators of strength in that area. There is also a simple scale for assessing how your organisation is doing with that strength.
  • swipe through a row of thumbnail images at the bottom of the screen (depending on your device)
  • bookmark/tag images
  • add and drag notes to anywhere on the images
  • write, scribble or draw on the digital cards—you may want to circle a relevant topic, a number on the evaluation scale, or scribble notes about next steps
  • highlight, draw and write in multiple colours
  • take a screen shot and access the image in your photo gallery—then print or email it if you wish (you can’t print directly from the digital images).



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